SMART Recovery

Numerous programs are available to help the person who is beginning the process of overcoming addiction. One of these programs that have a good success rate is SMART Recovery (Self Management and Recovery Training). In order to enter an aftercare program like SMART, addicts must have a desire to change. In this program, addicts will learn new coping mechanisms and positive ways of dealing with life without drugs.

What is SMART Recovery?

This is a program with a series of steps. It is similar to Alcoholics Anonymous and other 12-step programs that help addicts progress along to recovery. One of the main differences is that it doesn’t have a religious slant. It can work with other 12-step programs or therapies or in place of them to help the person recover from addiction.

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The 4 Points of SMART Recovery

. Building motivation

. Coping with urges

. Solving problems

. Achieving a balanced lifestyle

Six stages make up the SMART Recovery program. The addict must progress along these stages in order until completing the program. These stages are as follows:

. Precontemplation – in this stage, the addict denies that a problem with addiction exists

. Contemplation – in this stage, the person recognizes that there is a problem, but is not willing to deal with it

. Determination or preparation – in this stage, the person is ready to make a change and creates a plan for change

. Action – the person makes changes to deal with addiction in this stage, it may include professional therapy

. Maintenance – the person now focuses on maintaining the changes in this stage

. Exit or Graduation – the person has completed the program

At any point in the program, the person may relapse. It doesn’t mean they have to start all over or that they failed. In fact, in SMART Recovery, relapse is looked at as a lesson on the path of recovery. They will continue in the stage where they stopped and learn what caused the relapse and what changes need to be made to prevent future occurrences.

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