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Drug addictions cannot be overcome easily. Most substance abuse problems require professional medical detox and a solid rehab program. Finding a program that will address your needs or the needs of a loved one is easy when you call Drug Treatment Centers Kissimmee. We are happy to find a solution that works for you when you call (321) 697-7113.

What is a Substance or Drug Addiction?

An addiction to a substance or a drug exists when a person feels an overwhelming compulsion to take that substance or drug, and that person may have difficulty functioning normally without taking the addictive substance. Drug rehab clinics can help deal with such compulsions.

The level of compulsion is so high that an addict will take the addictive substance even when he or she is fully aware that it is causing harm. The addiction can be physical, mental or both.

Physical addiction is when the body must have the substance. For example, opiates like heroin create physical dependency. Psychological addiction is when a person feels unable to cope without the drug. Painkillers or depressants can cause this. Drugs like nicotine create both types of dependency.

Addictive Drugs, Signs, and Symptoms

Addicts can be addicted to a wide variety of substances. The most common categories, with some examples, include:

  • Anti-anxiety drugs – Xanax, Valium
  • Alcohol
  • Illegal drugs – Heroin, cocaine, crystal meth, crack cocaine
  • Prescription painkillers – Vicodin, OxyContin
  • Antidepressants – Prozac, Lexapro
  • Inhalants – Lighter fluid, gasoline, glues

There are a number of general signs and symptoms that a person you know may be addicted to drugs or alcohol. Any sudden and drastic changes in behavior, health, and finances can indicate that a person is currently a substance abuser.

Changes in behavior can include disappearing for days at a time, rapid mood changes, or secrecy about their activity and whereabouts.

Health symptoms are likely to be the most notable and can include weight loss or gain, changes in sleeping and eating, and “sickness” characterized by nausea, fever, or sweating.

Financially, an addict may begin borrowing money, lying about spending, or stealing to buy drugs or alcohol. Their bills may go unpaid or they may begin racking up legal fees and costs for damages they caused.

If you have noticed any of these signs and symptoms, it is time to call in a professional for help and get yourself or the person you love into treatment.


Drug rehab centers provide the best hope for people who want to get free of drugs. Treatment focuses on both the psychological and physical aspects of the addiction, and on offering meaningful support to addicts. Addiction rehab centers have the necessary facilities, medications, and personnel to provide the right support at the right time.

Treatment will start with helping the addict through detox. Medical detoxes are normally done inside of a rehab inpatient facility. This allows addicts to receive specialized care for withdrawal symptoms and any health problems caused by their substance abuse.

Once the addictive substances are out of the patient’s system, the addict will need help to overcome the compulsion to relapse. There are a number of talk therapy methods and group therapy methods that provide a strong support system to newly sober addicts. 12-Step programs and group meeting associations like Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous can offer structure and support for addicts as well.

Addicts seeking rehabilitation programs or families of substance abusers can learn more about the help available at our addiction rehab center by calling Drug Treatment Centers Kissimmee at (321) 697-7113.

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