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Addiction is a disease, not a state of mind. When a person develops an addiction, it must be treated if the patient is to recover. Unfortunately, addiction is never cured, only controlled. Once a person is afflicted with the disease, he or she will have it forever. Recovery programs are designed to bring that addiction under control.

The first step towards recovering from a dependence on drugs or alcohol is entering the right treatment program. Drug Treatment Centers Kissimmee can help you find the right solution for yourself or your loved one when you call (321) 697-7113.

Rehab recovery programs call on standard methodologies to help addicts. However, each program must be customized to an individual’s needs, since every human being is different. Once a person has successfully undergone medical detox, he or she will need to partake in recovery programs if he or she is to avoid relapse. Statistics show that relapse rates are close to 100% when addicts do not seek professional help.

The 12-Step Recovery Program

This is a long-standing methodology in addiction rehab treatment, having been originally devised in the 1930s to help recovering alcoholics. The 12 steps approach is all about bringing about a complete change in lifestyle. Addicts must recognize they are helpless, and that they need, and must trust in, spiritual intervention.

An addict must be completely honest in drawing up a moral self-assessment, and then admitting to others where the addict has been morally wanting. The addict must continually make moral self-assessment, while trying to make amends wherever possible to people that the addict has hurt in some way. He or she must also agree to help other addicts.

While the 12 steps recovery program is quite simple in outline, achieving the goals set at each step can be difficult, and other recovery treatment therapies will be used to supplement the 12 steps. Two of these are cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing.

Cognitive-behavioral Therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) sessions are geared at helping people to gain a complete insight into themselves and their environment, and exploring appropriate behavior in response to events.

CBT recovery programs have many different models. There may be subtle differences in treatment, or a model may be created to deal with a specific addiction. For example, the Matrix Model is designed to specifically treat people addicted to stimulants like cocaine or meth.

The ABC Model works by breaking everything down into three stages. Phase A represents the activating event. Phase B is how the person interprets the event. The interpretation can be positive or negative. Phase C is the response to, or the consequences of, the phase. The ABC Model teaches people that there is usually a positive way to interpret any event, and that even when the response to an event is negative, that can be a healthy or unhealthy negative response.

Motivational Interviewing

Motivational interviewing (MI) is another drug treatment program for addiction. This therapy explores with addicts why they are resistant to change that involves quitting alcohol or drugs.

With the guidance of the drug addiction recovery therapist in interviews, the addict will be taken through the reasons, and will be asked to express the desired changes in his or her own terms. MI helps the recovering addict create and act on a plan for change. MI aims to build self-confidence in taking action.

There are a lot of other therapies used in drug recovery programs, including some that can be done at home. Addicts can benefit greatly from using yoga and meditation, for example. A percentage of addicts will inevitably relapse, and second or subsequent recovery programs will try to address this issue.

Finding the right treatment program to fit your needs or your loved one’s needs doesn’t need to be difficult. Call Drug Treatment Centers Kissimmee to find out how to get help immediately. Our experts will assess each patient and provide the drug or alcohol addiction therapy most likely to succeed. Call (321) 697-7113 to learn more.

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